The Sellers Mindset

Let’s talk about moving home. It is often the case that so many people looking to sell and move on, choose to find, or start looking at a property first before marketing their own. It’s completely understandable because of so many reasons, including:

  • The inbred fear that if you sell first, you will not find the perfect next home
  • You will be rushed in to buying a home you didn’t really want just to complete the chain
  • Not wanting to waste an agent or buyers time if you cannot find a property

These are three excellent and valid reasons for not marketing your home first. However, these reasons can be easily eliminated if your estate agent knows what they are doing - I will explain all shortly, but one thing you need to know about the Seller Mindset is, that when you do find the exact property you wish to buy (the perfect home, as it were) then, there is a high risk that you will not have an offer accepted. Or you may not be the buyer the vendor chooses to proceed with as you have not sold, or even begun marketing your own property – Not being viable as it were. And then you run the very high risk of inevitable heartbreak when the house of your dreams is snapped up before you have even had yours valued.

On your chosen new abode, there will more than likely be a buyer just ready to move in, and one in a far better and stronger position than you, because they had the right seller’s mindset and received the right advice from their agent.

To put it in perspective, if you have already sold your home and THEN found a property to buy, you would be in a much better position, and more likely to be able to purchase your dream home!

How to do this without ‘wasting peoples time or your money’ or ‘not to upset the purchaser of your home?’ This is simple. Make them aware at the very outset of the process, when they wish to view your home, that any sale agreed is subject to contract, and subject to you finding your next purchase at your own reasonable pace. Remind them of this again when they make any offer, and then, as if by estate agency magic, everybody is on the same harmonious page.

It can take you anything from one to six months to find, but if they want your property, then they will wait! And by doing this everyone involved is fully informed and has no reason to be disappointed. And if they choose to no longer wait, then ultimately there is no harm done and you can re-sell the property to a different buyer.

Want an agent that really understands you? Then you need to instruct the best, Oakmont - We deliver a highly professional and efficient service. All our team are dedicated and trained to the highest standards, providing a proactive, friendly, and professional service at all times. Our aim is to lead from the front providing unrivalled expertise in our marketplace with an innovative approach and excellent customer service.

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