Estate Agents in Havering

Are you interested in buying, selling, renting or leasing a property in Havering? At Oakmont Property Consultants, we can help you surf the increasingly-popular wave of real estate in Havering–a London Borough with a great future ahead of it. We’re the best fixed fee estate agents.

Why Choose Havering?

At Oakmont Property Consultants, we know Havering like the back of our hand. From an investment perspective, a more appropriate question than the one we’ve asked above would be this: why wouldn’t you choose Havering in 2022? 

Havering has so much to offer even before you consider several upcoming changes that are guaranteed to increase the value of property in this region. Later this year, Crossrail’s Elizabeth Line is due for completion, providing easy access to London’s city centre. The commuter town of Romford is the first to feel the glow, home to some of the fastest real estate markets in the capital city. 

On the one hand, you have the city within arms-reach thanks to Havering’s excellent transport links. On the other, you have plenty of open green spaces to explore, leading eventually to the sleepy Essex countryside. 

There’s simply never been a better time to invest in property in Havering. London’s biggest, greenest and least populated borough is certainly the place to be.

Oakmont Property Consultants - The best-fixed fee estate agents in Havering

At Oakmont Property Consultants, we help buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants achieve their desires by making real estate as simple as possible. We’re acutely aware of how draining real estate can be and our mission is to do everything in our power to prevent this. That’s why we provide an honest, first-class and customer-friendly approach to selling or sourcing the property of your dreams. 

Sound good to you? Then get in touch with us today! There’s no part of real estate we aren’t knowledgeable of. 

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